Bicycle Brake Lever Adapter Allows One Brake Lever to Actuate Two Bike Brakes

Brake / Brake Lever Adapter
• Specifically designed for allowing one brake lever to actuate two brakes
• Includes Tube, 2 ends and internal slider, The Cables and Housings are Sold Separately
• For Tandem, Cyclocross, Quadcycles, Road and Mountain Bikes Brakes/Brake Levers
• The brake adapter is compatible with cable operated brakes: calipers, cantilevers, v-brakes, drums or cable disc brakes.
• It works with both road and mountain applications.
• Requires three cables (at least two road cables) and housing (type dependent on application)
• Cables and housing sold separately !!
• (Picture #1 Shows an assembled adapter with cables that are sold separately installed Picture #2 shows Tube with ends and the internal slider unassembled)
• For Brake Noodles or Small Brake Parts, Please Visit our Ebay Store!
• In order to assure proper installation of all bicycle components that we offer for sale, we highly recommend that your bicycle be taken to an independent professional bicycle repair shop to have the item installed.