Bike Fit System Hoggs LL Leg Length Cleat Shims for 3 Hole Look Keo Cleats Shoes

New Bike Fit Systems For Look Keo Cleats
- Shims allow riders to compensate for leg length discrepancies
- Made of high-density plastic to conform to the curve of the sole of the shoe,
- Shims Fit All Shoe Sizes
- Included in the kit (1) Leg Length Shim 3mm stack height
- (2) 2 Cleat Wedges 1 degree tilt per cleat Wedge
- 3 x 14mm M5 Screws
- 3 x 16mm M5 Screws
- Bike Fit Leg Length Shims 3-Hole Look Keo
- Not Intended for use with Speedplay type cleats Manufacturer Part Number: 3640103
- UPC: 705105639857
- PD1308