Fast Wax 1-2-3 GO Wax Kit Multi Pak 1 2 3 Go All Condition Ski Wax Kit 4pk 160g

New Fast Wax 1-2-3 GO Wax Kit
A convenient and cost-saving pack of the most frequently used waxes. Contains four bars of 40g each.
1-2-3 GO Kit Convenient kit for skiing or works well for prepping new skis or refreshing stone ground skis
-One bar Base Prep
-One bar HS-10 Teal (-10 to 15F)
-One bar HS-20 Blue (12 to 28F)
-One bar HS-30 Red (24 to 34F)
Weight: 160.0 g
Type of wax : Base Prep
Manufacturer Part Number: 123 Go Kit
UPC: 897140001635 123 Go Kit