Bike Fit System Cleat Wedges SPD Time Speedplay Cleats Pedals Wedge 8 Pack

Bike Fit Systems The Wedge for SPD Style Pedals Color: RED
-Compatible with most 2-Hole SPD style cleat systems such as Shimano SPD, Crank Bros, Time Atac, Speedplay Frog, BeBop and other popular 2-hole mtb type pedals
-Increases pedaling efficiency, power, and comfort by providing better foot to pedal alignment.
-These wedges fit between cleat and shoe to provide better alignment, reducing knee and foot pain.
-Improves Comfort
-Increases Power
-Better Alignment
-Reduces knee and foot pain
-Easy to install
-The Wedge evenly distributes foot contact with the pedal enabling you to pedal with more power and comfort.
-Includes: 8 wedges fasteners Instructions