Derailleur Hanger DH67 Shogun Mongoose Optima CoMotion

New Replacement Derailleur Hanger Hanger Fits
Avanti: Team Freeride
Claud Butler: Aka L
Co-Motion:  2009: Peri Scope, Roadster, Robusta
2008 Hammerhead, Peri Scope, Roadster, Robusta, Molotov, Molotov-2, Torabora
DaBomb: Molotov, Molotov-2, Torabora
Falcon: Aka L
Fuji: 2009: Outland, Reveal, Thrill
2008 Outland RC, Reveal 1.0
Ironhorse: 2007 Adventure 5.0 Maverick, Hard Tail, Sachem Hard Tail, Warrior, Yakuza, Chimpira
2005-06 Yakuza, Maverick, Chimpira, Bakuto, Warrior Comp, Race
2005-07 Warrior Hard Tail
KHS:  2009: Alite 200L, Alite 300, Alite 500, Alite 1000, Alite 2000
2007 Alite 3000, Alite 2000, Alite 1000, Alite 500, Alite 300
2006 Alite 3000, Alite 2000, Alite 1000, Alite 500 Alite 300
2005 Alite 2000, Alite 1000, Alite 500, Alite 300
2004 Alite 1000, Alite 500, Alite 300
Kona: Type K replacement
2002 Muni Mula
2001 Kula, Pahoehoe, Muni Mula, Fire Mountain
Mongoose: 2009: Tyax Super, Elite, Comp
Optima: Aka L
Rockymountain: 2008 Flow
2007 Flow and Grind
Shogun: Aka L
Color: Aluminum/Black
Light Weight / Durable Aluminum Alloy Construction
Compatible with Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM Rear Derailleurs
Made in the USA
**Assure that your hanger looks like the photo in this listing prior to purchase.**
NOTE: Many derailleur hanger-destroying accidents are caused by improper adjustment of the derailleur PRIOR TO THE ACCIDENT! Do not simply install a new derailleur hanger and forget to properly adjust the derailleur.