Derailleur Hanger KHS Kona Bianchi Fuji Ironhorse K2 25

Derailleur Hanger KHS Kona Bianchi Fuji Ironhorse K2 25

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New Replacement Derailleur Hanger #25

Hanger Fits
 Access: XCL & XCL Ultra Fitness
Bianchi : 2008 XC Carbon Mtn.
2006 Boardwalk, Advantage, Sparta, Bergamo
2000 Superbee, Boardwalk, Advantage
1999 Osprey, Superbee, Lynx, Advantage, Ocelot, Axis
Blue : 2009: XC
2008: XC Carbon Mtn
Claud Butler
DaBomb: 2006 Cherry Bomb, Mind Bomb, XLR-8, XLR-8R
Diamondback : 2009: Sortie, Mission, Scapegoat
2008 Goat, Sortie, Mission
2006 Dirt - DB-2 Cross - Sherwood Pro/Sport Adv/Sport/XC DA/Basic Trekking - Wildwood Pro/Sport DA, XC Da, XC
Falcon : Aka F
Fuji :2009: Nevada, Tahoe
2008 29ers, Nevada 1.0, Tahoe, Thrill
2007 Thrill LTX, LTt 1.0, 2.0, 2006 Nevada 1.0, 2005 Tahoe, 2003 Lite 3
Haro :2001 Werks DSR 2000 Werks
Ironhorse : 2006 Maverick Comp/Team
2005 Maverick Comp/Disc.
2004 Warrior Expert, Comp, Sport, Maverick Disc
2003 Rogue Team, Warrior Disc, Warrior
Jeep :Jeep Cherokee Classic
K2 : 2000 Zed Se, V, X, Aggro HT, Razorback HT, 1999 Razorback HT
KHS :2009: Alite 3000 2004, 2000 Alite 2003 Y100 Yaya! ,2001 Alite 4000/Team
Kona : 2009: Dew Drop, Dew FS, Dr Dew, Dew, Dew Deluxe, Dew Plus, Hei Hei, Hei Hei 2-9, Hei Hei Supreme, Jake the Snake, Jake, Major Jake, Kula Lisa, Lisa HT, Lisa 120, Lisa 120 Dlx One 20 Series, PHD, Shred
2008 Blast, Caldera, Cinder Cone, Dawg, Dawg Deluxe, Dawg Supreme, Dew, Dew Deluxe, Dew Fs, DewPlus, Dr Dew, Fire Mountain, Four, Four Deluxe, Four Lisa, Four Supreme, Hei Hei, Hei Hei 2-9, Hei Hei Supreme, Hoss, Hula, Jake, Jake The Snake, Kula, Kula Lisa, Lanai, Lisa Ht, Makena, PhD, Shred, Stinky, Stuff
2007 Howler, Scrap, Shred, Queen Kikapu, Lisa Ds, Kula Lisa, List Ht, Dawg Supreme/Primo/Deluxe, The King, Kikapu/Deluxe/Nine, Hei Hei, Kula Primo/Deluxe, Stinky, Shred, Stuff
2004-06 Blast, Coiler, Dee-Lux, Caldera, Chute, Cinder Cone, Dawg, Dawgdee-Lux, Dawg Primo, Dawgmatic, Dr Dew, Dew, Dew Deluxe, Jake The Snake, Fire Mountain, Hoss Deluxe, Hula, Kikapu, Deluxe, King, Major Jake, Jula, Deluxe, Primo, Lanai, Mogomoko, Manomano, Nunu, Makena, Roast, Scrap, Stab, Stinky, Dee-Lux, Jr., Primo, Stuff, Jr, The King, PhD, CoilAir
2003 Aloha, Deluxe, Bear, Dee-Lux, Blast, Caldera, Chute, Cinder Cone, Dawg,
Dawgdee-Lux, DawgPrimo, Daawgmatic, Dr Dew, Jake The Snake
Leader : 515, 516
Marin: Aka Marin #13 ,2009: Alpine Trail, Bear Valley, Palisades Trail, Nail Trail, Point Reyes, Juniper Trails, Toscana
2008 3X Edge, Alpine Trail, Bay View Trail SE, Bear Valley, Bobcat Trail, Eldridge Grade, Fairfax, Hawk Hill, Indian Fire Trail, Nail Trail, Novato, Palisades Trail, Point Reyes, Meadow Trail
2006 Bobcat Trail, Hawk Hill/SE, Palisades Trail, Nail Trail, Indian Fire Trail, Northside Trail, B-17 A-XC, Wildcat Trail A-XC, Rocky Ridge A-XC, Novato, Point Reyes, Belvedere, Corte Madera, Sausalito, Wildcat Trail
2005 Bobcat Trail, Hawk Hill/SE, Palisades Trail, Nail Trail, Indian Fire Trail, Northside Trail, B-17 A-XC, Wildcat Trail A-XC, Rocky Ridge A-XC, Novato, Point Reyes
2004 B-17 A-XC, Wildcat Trail A-XC, Rocky Ridge A-XC
Masi :Kalahari 550/Four/Eight
Merida :Kalahari 550/Four/Eight
Mongoose : 2009: Fireball 24, 26 ,2005 Tek 4, 2003 Switchback
2002 Switchback, Fairlane, Grandmarquis, Zero G, 2000-01 All Models
1999 SX, Nx1998 All NX Models
Norco :Hanger #25 : 2009: VFR Cross, Ronin 1, 2, Bush Pilot, Sasquatch, Rampage
2008 VFR, Malahat, EXC, Yorkville, Wolverine, Katmandu, Tactik, Storm, Bush Pilot, Mountaineer, Kokanee, Scrambler
Optima :Aka F
Orbea : 2009: Lanza , 2008 D'ella, Lanza, Scape, 29er, Larza
Rocky Mountain :2009: Solo, Metro 50, RC10, 30, 50, Whistler 10
2008 Solo CX, CDX, CXR, CXR Team
Salsa :2009: Selma, Mamasita, Moto Rapido
2008 Mamasita, Moto Rapido
2005 Moto Rapido W/Carbon Stays, Juan Solo W/Carbon Stays
Schwinn : 2009: Mesa, Mesa D , 2007 Moab
2006 Mesa, Frontier Disc
2005 Mesa, Frontier FS AL
2003-04 Mesa/GS/GSX/SL, Voyageur SLX
Shogun : Aka F
Trek - Fisher - Klein :Bruiser City Bikes
Univega :2000 DS700, 900, 950
Van Dessel :2009: Jersey Devil, Ramble Tamble
2008 Jersey Devil, Rumble Tumble
Voodoo :2009: Canzo

Color: Black

Light Weight / Durable Aluminum Alloy Construction

Compatible with Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM Rear Derailleurs

Includes Mounting Bolts!!

Made in the USA

**Assure that your hanger looks like the photo in this listing prior to purchase.**

Dropout 25B

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