Hydrapak 3 Liter 100 oz Replacement Hydration Bladder 3 L Shape-Shift Reservoir

Hydrapak 3 Liter 100oz Shape-Shift Reservoir
• Hydrapak Reversable Reservoirs turn inside out for easy cleaning.
• Reservoir sets include Surge Bite Valve, magnetic Quantum clip and 36" Big Bore drink tube
• Lifetime guarantee against leakage on Reversable Reservoir Drink System
• Easy Flo valve has soft-bite activation and comes with bases for 0 and 90-degree routing
• New valve allows removal of drink tube with no leakage from reservoir
• Plug-n-Play valved set can be used with old Hydrapak reservoirs
• Features the revolutionary Snap Zip Baffle to allow users to zip up for shape control or unzip for increased volume; increasing the versatility of their favorite hydration pack
• Replacement bladder for Shimano, Salomon, OGIO, Fox, Scott, EVOC, Dakine and Vaude Hydration Packs
• Manufacturer Part#: A233
• UPC: 834456082330
• HYDR2153