Jagwire Elite Stainless Derailleur Shifter Cable 11 Spd Low Friction Ultra Slick

Jagwire Elite Stainless Derailleur Cable
• Ultra low friction performance for 11 speed systems ( also comapatible with 10 / 9 speed systems)
• Highly polished, ultra-slick uncoated surface delivers incredibly accurate, smooth responses
• Compatible with all performance cable housing and lubricants
• Uncoated surface, nothing to flake off during installation or riding, this cable delivers durable, consistent performance
• Stainless steel, corrosion resistant
• Cable Head fits: Shimano/SRAM
• Cable Type: Slick Polished
• Color: Silver
• Diameter: 1.1 
• Length: 2300 mm
• Mfg part #:  73EL2300 (listing is for 1 cable)
• UPC/EAN:4715910037737
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