Satori Heads Up 2 Bicycle Handlebar Stem Raiser 1-1/8" 67mm Bar Extension Silver

New Satori Heads Up 2 Stem Raiser
- Threadless Fork Steer Tube Diameter: 1-1/8"
- Make your bike more comfortable!
- Offers you more riding comfort by raising the position of the stem
- Add height and your riding posture will be more upright, making for an easier, more relaxing ride
- Heads-up2 includes spacer rings for customization
- Clamps to top of steerer, original stem clamps to top of HeadsUp device
- For 1-1/8" Threadless fork steerer tube
- Finish: high polish anodized silver
- Total Height: Adds up to 67mm height to your stem position
- (Depending on your existing cable length, some of your cables may have to be extended)
- SM2787
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