Shimano OptiSlick SP41 Shift Cable Set OT-SP41 Shifter Derailleur Housing White

Shimano Optislick Derailleur Cable & Housing Set  White
• OPTISLICK: Polymer coating, Electrically coated, that when viewed under a microscope looks like a series of tubes wrapped around the cable
• Less surface area rubbing the internal housing liner and it holds grease longer
• Benefits are significantly less shifting effort and the feeling of a quicker shift action
• Compatible with Shimano and SRAM drivetrains
• Set Includes:
-1.2 mm x 2100mm OPTISLICK Cables (2 pcs.)
-OT-SP41 x 1700mm Housing (1 pcs.)
-SIS-SP40 outer casing caps (3 pcs.)
-SIS-SP40 sealed outer casing caps (1 pc.)
-OT-SP41 sealed outer cap for rear derailleur (2 pc.)
-Inner cable end caps (2 pcs.)
• Mfg # Y60198030
• Color: White
• UPC: 689228700598
• EAN: 4524667700593
• Mfg # Y60198030
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