Stranglehold Sliding Derailleur Hanger Dropout 2018 2019 Trek Crocket Checkpoint

Stranglehold Derailleur Hanger For Trek Crocket and Checkpoint
- Fits
 2018 Trek Crockett 7 Disc
 2018 Trek Crockett 5 Disc
 2018 Trek Crockett Disc Frameset
 2019 Trek Checkpoint SL 6
 2019 Trek Checkpoint SL 5
 2019 Trek Checkpoint SL Frameset
 2019 Trek Checkpoint ALR 5
 2019 Trek Checkpoint ALR 4
 2019 Trek Checkpoint ALR  Frameset
- Rear drive side dropout/derailleur hanger
- For 142mmx12mm Rear Thru Axle
- Color: Black
- Listing contains only the item shown in listing photo
- Replacement Hanger for Treks Part #W539093
- See our store for stranglehold dropout for mountain bikes!
- NOTE: Many derailleur hanger-destroying accidents are caused by improper adjustment of the derailleur PRIOR TO THE ACCIDENT! Please do not simply install a new derailleur hanger and forget to properly adjust the derailleur.