Tri Flow Bicycle Lubricant Triflow Lube Tri-Flow 2oz

NEW Tri Flow Dry Superior Lubricant with Teflon
- Tri-Flow® Dry Lubricant Drip Bottle 2oz.
 - Tri-Flow® Dry Lubricant features the same great technology and performance as the Industrial Lubricant with P.T.F.E, only in a dry film technology. Dry Lubricant provides a "protective shield" that inhibits formation of rust and other corrosive buildup that damages working mechanisms.
Repels dust and grime
- Recommended Uses: Bearings, cables, nuts and bolts, air power tools, ball and socket joints, control cables, conveyors, cutting tools, drive chains, electric power tools, gears, glides, hinges, linkages, precision tools, rollers, taps, dies and valves.
- 75584
- UPC:  032053210136
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